Course curriculum

    1. Results you can expect + How to navigate the curriculum

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    1. Financial Lens Overview

    2. Why focus on spending?

    3. Go from Money Rivals to Money Teammates

    4. Establish Your Life Values & Priorities

    5. What do you want your money to do for you financially?

    6. How to set INSPIRED goals

    7. Goal setting is not enough - What else do you need?

    1. Intro

    2. What is wealth?

    3. Why is wealth important?

    4. The Wealth Scorecard

    5. Get your Wealth Scorecard Organized

    6. Wealth Builder Roadmap

    7. FAQ - Should we pay off debt even if we feel behind on investing?

    8. FAQ - Should you use cash to pay off credit card debt?

    9. FAQ - Should you pay off 0% credit cards?

    10. FAQ - Should we hold cash even if it has a low interest rate?

    11. FAQ - What happens after paying off credit card debt and building emergency fund?

    12. Go from spread thin to focused like a laser

    1. Where is your money going? Intro

    2. The most important thing you can do to improve your financial situation is...

    3. Starting with a budget is a mistake! Here's why.

    4. The key things to look out for when reviewing your spending

    5. How to get your spending organized

    6. Why is it so hard for you to save at the end of the month? Figure it out here.

    7. Weekly Spending Review

    1. Irregular Expenses & Income - Intro

    2. How budgets get busted

    3. Why do things always seem to pop up and derail our budget?

    4. How to plan for irregular expenses so they don't break your budget

    5. Why is it hard to budget with irregular income?

    6. How to turn irregular income into predictable income

    7. Putting it all together - Which months will be tight and which won't

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