FINALLY Get the Budget Help You've Been Looking For

What would you do with extra money each month?

Would you:

Take an extra vacation?

Pay off ALL of your credit card debt?

Tackle that home improvement project?

Catch up on your investing?

Build a runway to change jobs or start a business?

Have a cash cushion so you don’t have to juggle bills?

Picture it for a moment. Let it sink in. 

Now, how will we make that happen?

Often we think, “If I could just make more money, that would solve the problem.” 

But you’ve made more money over the years, yet spending seems to go up right along with it. 

Tried budgeting? 

It’s too complicated and something always seems to come up to break it. 

Plus, you don’t really see eye to eye with your spouse or partner, so it just creates arguments every time you sit down to talk about it. 


What results can we expect?

  • Sustainable and unifying results using a step-by-step proven process to save more, argue less, and keep the fun.

  • Find ways to cut back spending by at least 5x the cost of the course over the next 12 months.

  • Learn how to stop going in and out of credit card debt.

  • A clear and focused roadmap of what you should do with extra money at the end of the month.

  • Finally have conversations about money without arguments.

  • The key habits needed to sustain and improve the results you’ll get by going through the course.

  • Finally understand where your money is going and how to fix the problem together.

What have other clients said?

I’d love for you to have these transformations too!

  • “We’ve been trying to fix this for 10+ years, but haven’t been able to actually do it until now.”

  • “It's amazing to finally see our savings going up and our debt going down”

  • “I feel like we haven’t had to sacrifice anything to make these changes.”

  • “I'm now excited to look at my spending and see how well we're doing this month. I used to dread looking at that.”

  • “I've been thinking about it for a long time but didn't know who to reach out to.”

Want to Save More, Argue Less & Keep The Fun?

Budget Course FAQs

  • How is this different from other budgeting methods and courses out there?

    Other budgeting techniques are rigid, geared toward only one spouse/partner's mindset, and require a ton of time to maintain which busy families just don't have. The Family Budget Transformation System is proven to get families sustainable and unifying results with a flexible approach that doesn't take a ton of time to keep up with.

  • Who will most benefit from this taking this course?

    This online budgeting class is specifically designed for couples who have (1) a good relationship aside from financial stress around spending and/or debt (2) Monthly take home pay between $7,000 - $15,000 per month, and (3) At least one kid in grades K-12.

  • Why does this online course only focus on budgeting? Why not cover all of financial planning?

    Cash flow is the most important part of financial planning. You can have the best financial plan, but it doesn't make one bit of difference if you can't find the money at the end of the month to put towards your goals. There are plenty of great resources out there to help with other financial planning needs, but not so much with putting together your family budget. That's what this online class is there to help you with.

Online Course Curriculum

    1. Results you can expect + How to navigate the curriculum

    1. Financial Lens Overview

    2. Why focus on spending?

    3. Go from Money Rivals to Money Teammates

    4. Establish Your Life Values & Priorities

    5. What do you want your money to do for you financially?

    6. How to set INSPIRED goals

    7. Goal setting is not enough - What else do you need?

    1. Intro

    2. What is wealth?

    3. Why is wealth important?

    4. The Wealth Scorecard

    5. Get your Wealth Scorecard Organized

    6. Wealth Builder Roadmap

    7. FAQ - Should we pay off debt even if we feel behind on investing?

    8. FAQ - Should you use cash to pay off credit card debt?

    9. FAQ - Should you pay off 0% credit cards?

    10. FAQ - Should we hold cash even if it has a low interest rate?

    11. FAQ - What happens after paying off credit card debt and building emergency fund?

    12. Go from spread thin to focused like a laser

    1. Where is your money going? Intro

    2. The most important thing you can do to improve your financial situation is...

    3. Starting with a budget is a mistake! Here's why.

    4. The key things to look out for when reviewing your spending

    5. How to get your spending organized

    6. Why is it so hard for you to save at the end of the month? Figure it out here.

    7. Weekly Spending Review

    1. Irregular Expenses & Income - Intro

    2. How budgets get busted

    3. Why do things always seem to pop up and derail our budget?

    4. How to plan for irregular expenses so they don't break your budget

    5. Why is it hard to budget with irregular income?

    6. How to turn irregular income into predictable income

    7. Putting it all together - Which months will be tight and which won't

    1. Where you should and shouldn't spend your money - Intro

    2. What makes something a waste of money? 5 criteria

    3. What is a good use of money? 5 criteria

    4. Biggest Money Wasters: Unused Items & Food Waste

    5. Biggest Money Wasters: Financial Products Overview

    6. Biggest Money Wasters: Permanent (Whole) Life Insurance - Shocking commission explained

    7. Biggest Money Wasters: Load Mutual Funds - High Fees Explained

    8. Biggest Money Wasters: Financial Products Summary

    9. Biggest Money Wasters: Store Credit Cards - High Rates + Overspending

    10. Biggest Money Wasters: Auto Purchase Decisions - Low payment ≠ Savings

    11. Biggest Money Wasters: The Others

    12. Biggest Money Wasters Recap: The 18 - Summarized

    13. Where to spend money to live your best life

    14. Good Uses & Wastes of Money - Worksheet

The FULL Family Budget Transformation System

  • 6 x $97.00
  • 63 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content
  • Instant Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Save More. Argue Less. Keep the fun!